Hi Julia

Great fit session with Steve.

Professional, really useful comments given the functionality of our product.


The team we’re keen I passed on our feedback

Best regards



Steve garry- fittings model

Jillian Hart Fashions

Hi Julia,

just a quick one to say thank-you, it all went perfectly last night. Thanks to you for co-ordinating it so well, and please thank everyone, Helen and Colin were great, and the models were fantastic, Trevor organised the girls well! and loved every minute!  I loved Sabine, good choice. I have had a great response from the customers, the evening dresses in particular looked fab! 

Just sorry you couldn't be with us, missed you!

kind regards Jillian.

Hi Julia,
I wanted to say a huge thanks for all the help you've given in getting the models and information to us in preparation for the various shoots over the last three weeks. Aside from the issue with the child licenses on the 17th, everything has gone brilliantly. I've included feedback on all of the models below, but I just wanted to say how happy we've been with everybody, and how professional they've all been – they've made our days go very smoothly and we've gotten so much out of each day thanks to them! We've got a lot of images to go through from each day, so by the end of June I'll have images of each model to send to you and pass on as portfolio shots for them.
I wanted to say a huge thank you to them all individually, so if you can pass this on to each model/parent of model, I'd really appreciate it!
The Burns family (17th May) - Zara, Clinton, Skye and Ricardo were lovely to work with, and considering they haven't done a lot of modelling prior to this I was hugely impressed with their professionalism and the diversity of shots we captured on the day. In particular I'd like to let Skye and Ricardo know that they were absolute stars on the day, and incredibly polite – a true pleasure to work with (our whole team loved working with them)!
Claire Rees (26th May) - A delightful, professional model, very easy to direct - who helped us to capture some fantastic shots with the virtual reality headset and a robotic hand!
Emma Ward (1st June) - Emma was lovely to work with, very professional, smiling all the time! She worked wonderfully with the children today on the photoshoot (not easy with six kids to control!), we got so much out of today thanks to Emma.
Many thanks,
Beth Michon Account Marketing Executive